AFC Product-ACC-Route Clearing System

The subway route clearing system is a passenger-flow data analysis platform based on the scientific, reasonable and efficient route clearing model. The system can perform calculation and analysis using the basic data and travel data of the subway network, obtain the analysis data like the clear ratio of the entrance passenger flow and the exit passenger flow, the route distribution, the boarding information and the full load rate of each train in section, and choose the travel route most matching with the actual situation according to the real-time subway operation chart on the then current day for the fare clearing and calculation of the passenger flow of the subway network, providing the high-quality big data basis for the calculation of the passenger flow, as well as the powerful technical support for the subway operation management, income distribution, passenger service management and overall decision-making.

The route clearing system calculates the weight of the actual route based on the traveling distance, traveling duration, transfer information and comfort factor, and then performs the further route selection according to the weight.

For the station which is put into maintenance and closure temporarily (including transfer station), the system supports the real-time correction of the subway network chart, to ensure that the passenger traveling plan is true and objective, not affected by the closure of the station.

Passengers' travel through the rail transit will generate the ticket purchase/ recharge /fare compensation, entry and exit transactions. These transactions may not be completely uploaded to the ACC system times in case of any passenger's violation, or nonstandard operation management (such as ride without paying a fare, brushing the station work ticket) and failure of the system equipment (such as loss of transactions or delayed transmission), as the result, one or more of ticket purchase/ recharge /fare compensation, entry and exit transactions may be lost, so the passenger's travel records will be not complete, forming an unilateral transaction. In order to ensure the passengers’ data is complete and valid, the system is designed with and can achieve the unilateral transaction recovery mechanism based on the business recovery rules of unilateral transaction.