Hardware Products - Enhanced Unified Ticket Processing Unit (TPU) Technology Innovation

I. The product has successfully passed the authentication on the sixth batch of new technologies and products of Beijing in 2017.

TPU is one of our self-developed high-tech products with the independent intellectual property.

The product technology is mature and reliable, in line with the Beijing Rail Transit Design Guidelines, has played an important role in the Beijing rail transit and the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transportation, and is serving the rail transport payment industry very well.

The product has successfully passed the authentication on the sixth batch of new technologies and products of Beijing in 2017.

II. The performance is improved.

The Unified Reader-Writer (TPU) completely complies with the Beijing Rail Transit Design Guidelines. It uses Freescale IMX6Q microprocessor with quad-core automotive-grade industrial performance. The 8GB memory is used for storage of program and data, and the 2GB DDR3 memory for program operation.


III. The video output display interface is expanded.

In addition to meeting the technology requirements of basic dual RF 8SAM deck RFID identification, the product is also designed with HDMI, VGA video interface, audio and video interface, SATA hard disk interface, TFCARD interface, four USB2.0 interfaces, and 1000M adaptive network interface. The TPU product not only meets the general requirements on the ticket processing, but also meets the needs in terms of the video display processing, big data storage and network transmission, expanding the application range of the product.


IV. The QR (quick response)-code ride payment function is added as the expansion.

The QR-code scanning function is added on the basis of conventional TPU equipment, achieving the entry into and exit from stations by scanning QR-code. 


V. The rail transit application interface of the Unionpay card is preset.

In the RFID identification and ticket processing business processing, the SAM card has been widely used. With the development of interconnection and interwork, the bank card has been widely used in the rail transit industry. To support the use of bank cards, therefore, the TPU products are added with the hardware algorithm chip based on the algorithm RSA accredited by bank, providing the fast authentication calculation speed and high security, which allows the use of Unionpay cards in the rail transit. 

VI. Interconnection and interwork in the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei transportation 

The standard hardware interface and shell interface are completely compatible with the TPU products used in the current Beijing rail transit, supporting the upgrade of products. In addition to the complete compatibility of hardware interface, the product is also completely compatible with software functions, in line with the development strategy of the integrated rail transit, as well as the design requirements on the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei rail transit. And, the product meets the payment requirements of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration of Transportation Card as well, achieving interconnection and interworking.

VII. The environmental adaptability and stability of the electromagnetic compatibility is high.

The TPU hardware uses the advanced Allegro 16.6 software design and the 8-layer PCB architecture with good EMC performance. In addition, the performance has passed the type test by a third party.


VIII. The secondary development interface may be added for the multi-functional application.

The TPU ticket processing unit not only has the ticket processing capability of Beijing Public Traffic Card and One Ticket for All Traffic, but also processes the design concept of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration of rail transit, meeting the interconnection and network requirement. In addition, it supports the new payment form like QR-code scanning. In the premise of meeting the standard software design concept of Beijing rail transit, the unified secondary development interface is reserved, which is convenient to expand various functional applications in terms of the integration of TPU products.