Passenger Information System (PIS) - MPIS Technology Innovation

The Passenger Information System (hereinafter referred to as PIS) is used to achieve the diversified information display through the application of modern network technology and multimedia technology. It can realize the real-time editing, production and transmission of the desired information through the control center, the advertising production center, the station control center and other similar systems. Besides, it can also display the information through the plasma or LCD display at stations, issuing more intuitive and vivid information to the passengers.

The Multi-line Passenger Information Center System (hereinafter referred to as MPIS), developed by BII Transportation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. which is a subsidiary of BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited changes the conventional independent operation and self-management of a single line into the centralized operation and unified management of multiple lines, reducing the operation costs, and improving the work efficiency, which has been highly recognized by the owner units.


The video solution of BII Transportation Technology(Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides the standard video processing system for the IT technology; suitable for application demands of the subway industry, and a number of special technologies provide the ancillary support to the operating company, with the following features:

Supporting the multi-version switch, emergency trigger switch and timed switch; in line with the upcoming Beijing subway PIS standard;

With infinite overlap area; showing an interface with a great visual impact; 

Updating the continuous dynamic data like moving subtitles, animations and images, and the play time is independently scheduled for pages and regions;

The center management end issues the layout and information at any time; it is possible to view the play situation of each terminal at any time; 

Play log statistics provide the basis for operating income statistics.