Command Center Completed Evaluation of Pilot Operation for 3 New Lines

2017/3/5 6479

At the end of December, the command center successfully completed the evaluation of pilot operation with three new lines: North Section of Metro Line 8 (Phase II), South Section of Line 9, and East Section of Line 15 (Phase I).

In June 2011, the command center started the trial operation evaluation work. According to relevant national and local laws and regulations, industrial standards and relevant regulations, combined with evaluation experience in recent years, the command center carried out the relevant evaluation work with the trial operation of three new lines as follows: daily dynamic monitoring and tracking analysis on train run, equipment operation, problems and emergencies and so forth; a comprehensive assessment on the operation and management unit’s personnel training, rules and regulations and emergency system construction and other operational preparations. This effectively promoted new line issue rectification and project progresses with regard to functions. This work, coupled with acceptance work and relevant summary report, can provide technical support and decision-making basis for the government on whether the relevant conditions are met.


Date: January 18, 2012