BIITT invited to attend the 5G Intelligent Rail Transit Seminar

2019/8/30 2182

On August 29, the "Intelligent Urban Rail Transit Serving You and Me • 2019 5G Intelligent Rail Transit Seminar" was held in Taiyuan. Chen Senjiang, head of BIITT Civil Communication Department, attended the seminar and delivered a keynote speech, exchanging experience with participants from all walks of life, and jointly discussing the urban rail transit transformation in the era of 5G.


Mr. Chen Senjiang gave a keynote speech entitled "Integrated Development of Rail Transit Communication in 5G Application Scenarios", in which, he introduced in detail the current situation of BIITT in 5G technology and industry development, the challenges and opportunities arising during the construction of urban rail transit communications in 5G application scenarios, as well as the understanding and thinking of the future 5G construction, operation and application exploration, and also shared the construction progress and experience of 5G civil communication transmission system of Beijing Daxing International Airport Express invested by BIITT. 


The commercialization and development of 5G technology will definitely drive the comprehensive upgrading of upstream and downstream industrial chains, including terminals, networks, clouds and applications; at the same time, civil communication services will also enter the "5G Era". BIITT will comprehensively build and upgrade civil communication network in accordance with 5G standard, conduct refined management and operation, take full responsibility for the civil communication investment and operation of Beijing rail transit, grasp the opportunity of 5G upgrading and intelligent metro implementation, explore the transformation of intelligent informatization of civil communication, and create a brand-new information lifestyle of rail transit.