Beijing Rail Transit Society founded in Beijing and BIITT voted as one of its first governing units

2019/8/26 1764

On August 25, 2019, the inaugural meeting & the first general meeting of Beijing Rail Transit Society was successfully held in Beijing. More than 100 people from enterprises, institutions, colleges and universities, research institutes and senior experts in the field of Beijing rail transit gathered together to witness the establishment of the Society. BIITT, as one of the first governing units, attended the meeting.


Beijing Rail Transit Society is a non-profit organization jointly sponsored by Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd, Beijing Metro Construction Administration Co., Ltd, Beijing Subway Operation Co., Ltd, Beijing Rail Transit Network Management Co., Ltd, Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd and Beijing Jiaotong University, and established after registration and filing by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport acts as the competent business authority of the Society, aiming to build a platform for academic exchange and sharing of Beijing urban rail transit, giving full play to its own role as a bridge among government, enterprises, industry associations, scientific research institutes, experts and scholars, building an innovative system organically combing the "government, industry, university, research and application", with enterprises as the main body, academic exchange and research as the orientation, thus contributing to the sustainable development of Beijing urban rail transit. At present, 64 members of units are engaged in rail transit development planning, design consulting, engineering construction, operation management, equipment manufacturing and scientific research institutes, as well as 40 senior expert members have been brought together.

As the leading intelligent system service provider of urban rail transit in China, BIITT has always kept in mind the mission of intelligent technology for urban rail transit and devoted itself to promoting the development of rail transit. Being a governing unit of the Society, the company has stepped up to a new level in the field of intelligent rail transit and laid a solid foundation for further industry development.

In the future, BIITT will forge ahead together with the Society, give full play to its advantages, strengthen cooperation with the members of the Society, drive industrial upgrading with technological innovation, constantly improve its service level, and make energetic contributions to the development of Beijing urban rail transit.