2019 First New Staff Training Launched Successfully by BIITT

2019/7/19 946

Since January 2019, BIITT has embraced 28 new employees. Recently, BIITT organized training to new employees to help them more clearly understand the development history and corporate culture of BIITT, and become familiar with organizational structure, rules and regulations and specific business operations of BIITT. This training includes exchange seminar, safety knowledge training course, experience sharing of post-90s employees, experimental exhibition hall visit, etc.


In the beginning, Zhao Jingyuan, vice president, introduced the development history of BIITT to the new employees, guided them to deeply understand the corporate culture, and analyzed the company’s development prospects and employment concepts to inject confidence and courage to them. Then, Liu Xihong, manager of the human resource and administration department, and Su Ze, manager of the finance department, explained the company’s personnel administration system, financial related system, and reimbursement matters in detail.


Wang Nan, safety and quality inspection engineer of the business management department, introduced fire protection knowledge and safety production system to new employees, effectively raising the safety awareness of all employees. Yan Lidong and Du Zhonghui, representatives of post-90s employees, shared their mental journey and growth sentiment with new employees since they joined BIITT.


New employees were organized to visit the experimental exhibition hall equipped with automatic fare clearing center ACC, multi-line shared center MLC, screen door and passenger information system PIS, Chengdu COCC system, integrated pipe corridor intelligent operation and maintenance management platform and face recognition gates, greatly stimulating their interest and recognition to the company’s technology development concept.


In this training, funny interactive games were launched, creating an active atmosphere and enhancing mutual understanding among team members. At the same time, the company’s E-learning System BIITT has customized a dedicated online course package for new employees, including professional skills, EQ management, OFFICE production skills and other general skills courses. All new employees are actively completing online courses.


This induction training provides a good opportunity for new employees to recognize the corporate culture and uphold the company’s development philosophy. BIITT will keep on improving and optimizing the induction training in order to strive for providing the most practical guidance and most valuable help for every new colleague.