BIITT Successfully Co-hosted the Forum of “Industrial Investment to Help Build Rail Transit Ecology”

2019/7/25 1229

On July 25, 2019, the Sub-forum titled “Industrial Investment to Help Build Rail Transit Ecology” under the 2019 Beijing International Rail Transit Summit was held jointly by the BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (BIITT) and the Cornerstone Capital. Many leaders from Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., such as Zhang Yanyou, Party Secretary and Chairman, Guan Jifa, Deputy General Manager, and Ren Yuhang, Board Secretary and General Manager of Investment Development Headquarters, attended the sub-forum.


In the beginning, Mr. Zhang Yanyou made an opening address. Then, Mr. Ren Yuhang delivered a keynote speech on “Proper Investment -Innovation and Practice of Industrial Investment Model of BIITT” to introduce the industrial investment strategy of BIITT to the participants.


Xuan Jing, executive director and CEO of BIITT, delivered a keynote speech on “Industrial Investment to Help Urban Rail Industry Integration and Upgrade”. She elaborated the development trend of urban rail industry from four aspects, namely, national policy support, consumption upgrading demand, technological innovation guidance, and capital market assisting; presented the competition status, integration expectation and possible synergy effect of urban rail industry informatization combined with industrial investment examples of urban rail PIS industry and rail transit listed companies from the perspective of urban rail industry integration and upgrading; explained the great contribution of industrial investment to urban rail ecology through introducing the in-depth investment layout of BIITT in urban rail information system, civil communication, line operation, intelligent ticketing and other fields.


Wang Yongtian, Assistant President of BIITT, presided over the round table discussion on the theme of “The Role of Industrial Capital in the Innovation and Upgrading of Rail Transit Technology”, and made in-depth exchanges on the practice and development trend of industrial capital in the urban rail industry with industry veterans from Fosun Group, Aliyun, Dinghan Technology, Traffic Control Technology and MININGLAMP Technology.


After years of rapid development, a relatively mature industrial chain has been shaped in China's urban rail transit industry, with market opportunities gradually moving closer to leading enterprises. An increasing number of companies seek to cooperate with the capital market to build their own advantages in market size, cost control and technology R&D through capital assistance, thus promoting industry integration and upgrading for the realization of their own development. In the future, industrial investment will play an increasingly important role in creating urban rail ecology and promoting industrial integration and upgrading. BIITT is an industrial group company integrating investment and financing, technology R&D, intelligent rail transit construction, operation, and maintenance. In the future, BIITT will bring its capital advantages into full play to contribute to the construction and upgrading of rail transit ecology.