Talent Strategy

  • Adhering to the people-oriented management concept, we will guide the staff to achieve their personal career development, to explore the establishment of knowledge-based staff management system, supporting the joint development of the staff and the company with “promoting the principle of staff matching their own post”.

    With respect to the employment of staff, BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited always adhere to the principle of “morality comes first, able and virtuous personage employed, personal strengths based, and joint development targeted", and the principle of “morality prevails over ability based on the employment of able and virtuous personage”.

    BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited emphasizes the joint development of company and staff. The enterprise itself is the platform for the staff to achieve their self-worth. With this platform, the staff can strengthen their will, strive for their aspirations and climb toward the peak. When you put yourself in this team, you will be gradually affected by the corporate culture and corporate philosophy. Once you are familiar with you own discipline, and can make good use of corporate resources, you will become the elite of the enterprise, and ultimately get into the core of the enterprise, and step further in the direction of self-career development. As long as you have confidence and pursuit, and make yourself competent, the enterprise will give you the opportunity to present their talent and the necessary support so that you can stand out of the ordinary being.