Huaqi Intelligent

Suzhou Huaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaqi Intelligent”) was established in 2010, with 95% equity held by the Group.
With a vision goal of “set an industry model, lead the future industry and become an international brand of automation- & information-based system in transportation”, Huaqi Intelligent concerns on the Passenger Information System in mass transportation and have products in on-board broadcasting and display system, on-board video entertainment system, CCTV video surveillance system and ground PIS system. It is the first high-tech company that can provide technology, system integration, operation service and technical consultation in high-speed railway, general railway, urban rail transit, inter-city railway and municipal railway . And meanwhile, the Company is committed to improving passenger travel mode and travel experience in an all-round way and creating core value for customers.
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